Curry Fried Rice & Spicy Chicken Tenders

I didn’t grow up eating curry dishes because, let’s say that, curry powder (or any form of powdered spices at that matter) isn’t one of those ingredients that belonged to my mom’s grocery list; but when I tasted this particular curry dish. which was a chicken curry with coconut milk, it easily became one of […]

Xiaomi Yi – Personal Review

It’s my first time to endorse a product, and for the first time, I choose this jumpacked sportscam. Xiaomi Yi, is a sportscam manufactured by Xiaomi, one of the best selling cellphone brand these days. This camera is equipped with the lens almost the quality as the GoPro’s Hero 4 black. It can also record […]

Different dreams

In this post, we will be talking about dreams, dreams of all ages and a life long dream. Have you remembered all of your dreams when you’re in grade-school? I guess things are getting more serious when we get older. Nothing in this world is fixed and constant. As the earth rotates, the life continues […]

I want to learn photography

What does a good photographer do? Should a photographer wear a camera for a fashion? or Passion? many photographers nowadays uses their what they so called “Hi-end camera” to perform their “Masterpiece”. I don’t know if every one or it’s just me that’s bothered by a walking human with a camera as a necklace. Being […]

The life of a programmer

Have you heard the word “Programmer”?  The most accurate definition for a programmer is that, The programmer is a special kind of person that converts stress, coffee and insomnia into result driven, real-time digital algorithms and processes. Programming is fun, at the same time, it sucks. Programming is maybe the one of the most stressing […]