The life of a programmer

The life of a programmer

Have you heard the word “Programmer”?  The most accurate definition for a programmer is that, The programmer is a special kind of person that converts stress, coffee and insomnia into result driven, real-time digital algorithms and processes. Programming is fun, at the same time, it sucks. Programming is maybe the one of the most stressing job nowadays, who wants to wake up at night  being haunted by codes? (though night is the most productive time for a hardcore programmer).

Being a programmer is not just a profession, but a passion. No one does not simply write codes for money. It requires your interest. Codes are poetry and Programmers are the authors. Being a programmer can make you an out-caster. You can live long to be a programmer or die like a caveman.

In there past few years, I had observed different programming behaviours, there are the following types of a programmer :

1. The typical – A programmer that has a normal life.
2. The hardcoder – A programmer who often solves issues by making each page or script manually. An encoder.
3. The googlebot – A programmer that relies on Google 99% of the time.
4. The God – A programmer that simply knows anything.
5. The sleepyhead – A programmer that often fell asleep.
6. The hipster – A programmer that uses codes that isn’t mainstream.
7. The idiot – A programmer that does nothing. But posting to Social media site such as Facebook like “Eating codes.” is a must for them.
8. The outcaster – A programmer that wears glass, smells bad and spends most of the time in their room.

Designer vs Developer

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