I want to learn photography

What does a good photographer do? Should a photographer wear a camera for a fashion? or Passion? many photographers nowadays uses their what they so called “Hi-end camera” to perform their “Masterpiece”. I don’t know if every one or it’s just me that’s bothered by a walking human with a camera as a necklace. Being a photographer doesn’t require a good camera, it requires a solid creativeness and a bunch of luck and aspirations.

Me, as a photographer wannabe, can say that photography requires a “luck” and “dedication”. As we all know, no one does not simply rewind time, the greatest example of this is the event Photography, It is a branch of photography that requires your keen sense of vision, timing and creativeness. Can you Imagine if you’re hired as a wedding photographer and you didn’t shot the most awaited part of the ceremony which is the vows and their traditional “You may now kiss the bride.” ?

I want to learn photography formally and not just an Instagram-photographer. I want to learn photography not just to impress but to express. I want to learn photography because I am an aspirer. I want to learn photography because I know I can. I want to learn photography because I want to capture every memories of my life. I know, someday, somehow, I can be a photographer too.

John Perri Cruz

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John Perri Cruz was born in the Philippines, at the cold month of december. (Not cold enough cause Philippines is a tropical country.)

He's currently working as a Fullstack Web developer and when not sleeping, he can be found in coffee shop most of the time.

He gained his experience and skills by making and developing websites and systems for various individuals. He is well equipped with different Web programming languages and tools.

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