Different dreams

Different dreams

In this post, we will be talking about dreams, dreams of all ages and a life long dream. Have you remembered all of your dreams when you’re in grade-school? I guess things are getting more serious when we get older. Nothing in this world is fixed and constant. As the earth rotates, the life continues and the dreams change.

I remembered when I’m between 6-10 years old. All I want is to play, watch television and to avoid sleep during noontime, and yes, you heard it right, I hate to sleep during noontime. Being young is the most exciting part of everybody’s life. But now, as we get older and older, things started to become serious. Between 11 – 13 years old. All I want is to have fun and do foolish things. I don’t value money and material things. In this stage, I discovered “Pokemon”. Pokemon is life for me before.

Between 13-17 years old. Things started to change dramatically. I’m starting to think and dream about my future. In this stage, I want to be a successful Programmer and be rich someday. I’m also aiming to get my Bachelor’s degree. More thesis, more fun! Time passes by and I fulfilled my dream to be a programmer. I am now a Web Developer. But as I stated before, nothing is constant in this world. Now, my lifelong dream is to have a happy family and to have a happy life.

Changing of dreams doesn’t mean you have no contentment. It means, you strive for a better life, better future, and a better you.

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