Different dreams

In this post, we will be talking about dreams, dreams of all ages and a life long dream. Have you remembered all of your dreams when you’re in grade-school? I guess things are getting more serious when we get older. Nothing in this world is fixed and constant. As the earth rotates, the life continues and the dreams change.

I remembered when I’m between 6-10 years old. All I want is to play, watch television and to avoid sleep during noontime, and yes, you heard it right, I hate to sleep during noontime. Being young is the most exciting part of everybody’s life. But now, as we get older and older, things started to become serious. Between 11 – 13 years old. All I want is to have fun and do foolish things. I don’t value money and material things. In this stage, I discovered “Pokemon”. Pokemon is life for me before.

Between 13-17 years old. Things started to change dramatically. I’m starting to think and dream about my future. In this stage, I want to be a successful Programmer and be rich someday. I’m also aiming to get my Bachelor’s degree. More thesis, more fun! Time passes by and I fulfilled my dream to be a programmer. I am now a Web Developer. But as I stated before, nothing is constant in this world. Now, my lifelong dream is to have a happy family and to have a happy life.

Changing of dreams doesn’t mean you have no contentment. It means, you strive for a better life, better future, and a better you.

John Perri Cruz

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John Perri Cruz was born in the Philippines, at the cold month of december. (Not cold enough cause Philippines is a tropical country.)

He's currently working as a Fullstack Web developer and when not sleeping, he can be found in coffee shop most of the time.

He gained his experience and skills by making and developing websites and systems for various individuals. He is well equipped with different Web programming languages and tools.

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